The ‘European of the Year’ Award

Each year, the European Movement Estonia awards the ‘European of the Year’ Award to an Estonian, as recognition for their work advancing the European ideals and Estonia’s place in the EU.

The Award process

A Jury Committee comprised of individuals from politics, civil society, trade unions, employer organisations etc has identified and shortlisted 3 individuals as candidates for the “European of the Year 2019” Award.

Anyone can vote for the short-listed candidates choosing their preferred shortlisted candidate from the list below.

The results will be announced shortly after the voting is closed. The award will be handed to the winner at an official ceremony that will take place later in the year. For more information on the award please contact

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The Jury

Mr Matti Maasikas

Deputy Minister for EU Affairs
European of the Year 2016 award winner

Mr Tunne Kelam


Mr Urmas Paet


Mr Mikk Tarros

Vice-Chair, Estonian National Youth Council

Prof Olav Aarna

Member of Estonian Academy of Science

Mr Toomas Vitsut

former Member of Parliament

Mr Urmas Sukles

Mayor of Haapsalu
Head of the Estonian delegation at the Committee of the Regions

Mr Peep Peterson

President, Estonian Trade Union Confederation

Ms Eve Päärendson

Director of International Relations, Estonian Employers’ Confederation,
Member of European Economic and Social Committee

 Mall Hellam

Executive Director, Open Estonia Foundation.